Project Description



An Accountancy firm that can meet all of the needs of your business in the Digital age.

With the HMRC launch of their ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative just around the corner, it is imperative that all businesses are using the correct software to link to HMRC but to also meet their own day to day needs.

This can be quite a daunting prospect with so many different software packages available and, for many business owners, the lack of time to research and understand the options is a real issue.

This is where we will help.

We are Cloud Accounting experts who are accredited in all of the major Cloud Accounting Software solutions, such as;

We will partner with you and review your requirements and recommend a software solution that is right for your business.

We can offer integrated applications that can link to your day to day financial tools, such as your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, PayPal, IZettle, etc but also where required we can integrate with Stock Management Software, CRM tools and Till Systems to provide you with the most efficient, automated accounting solution, giving you access to real time management information and reporting in one place.

And, of course, in addition to making your accounting and reporting more efficient we will ensure you are fully Compliant with and meet all the required obligations for Making Tax Digital.


We recently took on a new client, an events company who were using manual records for everything. They were desperate to make the change to some kind of management system to help them become more efficient but just did not have the time to dedicate to researching their options, nor the expertise in-house to know what would work best for them.

We worked with the directors and did a full review of their business operations. It was important for us to understand how they worked now in order to analyse how we could make improvements.

The key issues they were facing were;

  • They had an invoicing/inventory software package but were not utilizing it to it’s potential and carrying out a lot of manual work and often times re-work.

  • As an events company they dealt with a huge amount of staff expenses which had become pretty much a full time job.

  • They had no ‘one version of the truth’ as nothing was integrated, everything was done manually and it was highly time consuming and inaccurate.

It was clear immediately that we could not only provide them with the management tools that they required but save them a massive amount of time and effort on a daily, weekly and monthly basis-freeing the directors up to concentrate on their core business.

  • We set the company up on the Xero Cloud Accounting solution and integrated this to a bespoke invoicing/inventory software package that they had been using but not fully utilizing.

  • We set up bank and credit card feeds into Xero and provided an application that would capture  expenses and process them automatically with a series of agreed rules and workflows.

  • Client invoices were set up to automatically email to Data Capture Software which is seamlessly integrated into Xero.

  • Through these changes the company is now fully set up to be compliant with Making Tax Digital.